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"For over 25 years, Mike Warner has been my Accountant and more recently Business Adviser. So when I downsized my business, last year, he had no hesitation in recommending the Xero Accounting System for myself and my daughter to run our new venture. Neither of us had any accounting background, but we have found using the system, with support from Charlotte Bellfield, Mike’s Xero specialist, to be very user-friendly. Keeping up to date with purchase and sales invoices, cash flow, reports, VAT and PAYE is all so simple. I would recommend this system to any small business owner"

"Xero is a fantastic system which allows you to keep a real handle on your accounts, simply and easily. Mike and his team have remote access so they can keep an eye on activity quickly and unobtrusively. Xero is a great cloud solution for bookkeepers and financial novices alike, backed up with Mike's advice and experience. A great combination which has reduced the time I have to spend on my accounts!"

"Xero is very straightforward for me to use (having had no accounting background) and helps me keep a close track of my cash-flow. It has been a huge benefit to my business and has saved me £100's in bookkeeping costs. Mike Warner can log in at any time to make sure I am using it correctly, without having to transfer data files. I would highly recommend the Xero accounting system."

"Previously I was struggling using Sage, as I had no bookkeeping training and on the advice of our accountant Mike Warner, we switched to Xero. I’m now able to complete the day to day bookkeeping in under half the time it was taking me before, allowing me to get on with other areas of my work. Keeping on track of our cash flow is now much easier and we use Xero to create our invoices rather than doing it manually. I would definitely recommend Xero to anyone who doesn’t come from a financial background."

"Xero is a very intuitive and simple accounting system that has helped hugely in being able to manage the business effectively. Inputting information, tracking and reconciling it is very easy. Generating reports so we have a good idea of how the business is doing is straight forward and detailed. As well as being a good price, the biggest bonus of working with Xero is the time saving it gives us – we can work on new business, rather than spending hours trying to get the figures right. It’s just a quick run through every couple of days and everything is in order."

"We moved our accounting records over to Xero from Sage nearly two years ago and are delighted that we did so. The transition was simple and the Xero support team were always on hand to answer any queries we had. The automatic bank feeds make our bank reconciliation so much quicker and easier and saves us so much time. Even better, the information we have is real-time and not out-of-date; a huge plus in terms of keeping track of our cash-flow. We simply can’t imagine working on a desktop accounting system now!"

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